Sacred Geometry and Their Meanings

  Sacred geometry. Science? Mystery? A little of both? Sacred geometry are the building blocks of the world we live in, they are the foundation of our Universe. From the fibonacci sequence, the golden mean, pyramids, to fractals….it can all seem so complex and amazing. As I was creating my Flower of Life pendant, it brought me deeper into the beauty and grace of sacred geometry. I was always drawn to it, but why? From the basic cells in our bodies to the complex structures of the universe, these mathematical principles apply. I wanted to cover some of the most...

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Invite Clarity and Abundance with Smudging

How To Inspiration Smudging

What is smudging? Smudging is a beautiful way to cleanse your space, clear your energy and invite high vibrations into your life. It is the ceremonial burning of herbs or incense to clear the space of negative or "stuck" energy. Some popular smudging herbs are white sage, palo santo, cedar, sweetgrass and lavender to name just a few! Recently, the ancient art of smudging has been scientifically studied and it has been suggested that it reduces toxins and bacteria in the air for a healthier environment too! Science or spirituality aside, smudging has been practiced for generations and it can raise your...

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The Sacred Meaning of Om

Mantras Meditation

Om. That delicious mantra that we hear and use so often.  You will find Om during your yoga class, you will hear it at the opening of a meditation. Hundreds of mantras begin with Om. But do we know the true meaning of this sacred mantra? Truly defining this mantra can be tricky. It is often described as the sound of the Universe, an ancient vibration that great sages that came before us realized was the primordial sound, the beginning, the spark of realization. Om (or often spelled “Aum, or Ohm”) is comprised of three syllables. Three is a sacred...

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How To Choose A Mantra

How To Meditation

A mantra is a sacred sound vibration often used to aid in concentration during meditation or simply to raise your vibration in daily life. It can be a simple word or a phrase that resonates with a specific intention or belief and can be extremely powerful in programming the mind for more positive energy. The word mantra is a Sanskrit term. “Man” means mind and “tra” means instrument or vehicle. So a mantra can be defined as the "vehicle of the mind". Traditionally a mantra is given to you by a guru or teacher, but this is not necessary. You can...

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Understanding the Parts of Your Mala Beads

Malas Meditation

  Malas are sacred objects of focus and divine communication and they have become ever popular in the yoga communities to support our intentions and practices. Even if you have a regular mala practice, you may not have heard of all the different parts of your mala beads or why malas are created the way they are. Here is a quick little infographic explaining the various parts of the mala and some of their symbolic meanings!       Use the buttons below to share, pin and post to spread the mala love!

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