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Whether you enjoy the healing properties of gemstones,  are a practicing yogi,  or endeavor to nurture your path with beautiful adornments, every piece from Jewels of Saraswati is intended to energize, uplift and inspire you on your personal journey.

Each finished piece from Jewels of Saraswati is designed by me, Lauren Saraswati Zavlunov.


Photo: Ruben Falconi


Ever since I can remember, I have been enamored with stones of all kinds. Childhood found me collecting pebbles and artifacts from every sojourn - tumbling them repeatedly in my hands and treasuring them deep in my pockets.

I began creating jewelry as an outlet for my restless artistic spirit. I am a conservatory trained performing flutist and pedagogue and, after studying and performing throughout the U.S. and touring South America, I began managing and performing with an experimental ensemble based in NYC. During my downtime, the "music" of mantras and the philosophy of Yoga strongly called to me and I felt drawn to answer.

What began as a blossoming interest in Yoga and designing beautiful jewelry revealed itself as a sacred calling, a true passion, a remembrance of where my soul needed to serve.



The power and beauty of Yoga inspired me to learn the craft of making malas, one of the most revered spiritual items in one's yogic practice. I researched tirelessly until I found the sturdiest materials, and the most durable designs.

I began to not only use my technical skill to create these japa malas, but my intuitive abilities to create one-of-a-kind pieces for the individual client. 

After my beautiful daughter was born, I began to work on Jewels of Saraswati with ardor in the peaceful moments of her rest. Although I had been creating jewelry for some time, I believe that in the silence of those blissful evenings, Jewels of Saraswati was truly born. Motherhood, the Divine feminine, and spirituality are all inspirations for my collections.

Know that when you wear an item from Jewels of Saraswati, human hands have touched every element of your piece.  Loving intentions and blessings went into the creation of your jewelry or mala so that they may add to the harmony of your inner life. May these designs inspire you on your path, wherever it may lead!




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