How to Choose The Perfect Mala Beads

Choosing a mala is as personal as your practice. With the rise in popularity of malas, it can be confusing finding just the right one for you with so many choices, designs, meanings and crystals.
I’d love to explore ways you can choose your mala without getting overwhelmed, or worrying if you have made the right choice.
Hint: The good news is, there isn’t any “right way” and you can’t possibly make the wrong choice!
Here are few tips you’ll want to consider when choosing your mala beads.

Fashion or function?

When I create custom malas for my clients, I often like to ask them if they will be wearing their mala. This made sound like an odd question, but as many people do enjoy wearing their malas whether it is just to remind them of their intention, or enjoy the healing benefits of the crystals, it should be a consideration in your choice of design.
If you are planning to wear your mala, you might want to skip the tassel or perhaps skip a large guru bead depending on your preference. Think when and where you will be wearing your mala and the materials it is made from, how heavy it might be, and/or how long it might be on you.
For instance, if your guru bead is made of crystal and you know you will be working at a desk, you’ll want to be sure that the crystal isn’t a naturally soft crystal that may crack or break easily when it hits another object, or if you something near your workspace could pull on your mala accidentally. 

What feels good to hold?

Do you have larger hands or more petite hands? Standard malas range from small (generally 6mm) to larger (12mm and above!) beads. If you have larger hands, you might want to try a larger size bead for comfort.
Remember, you will be holding the mala for extended periods of time and you’ll want your mala to feel good in your hands as you count your mantra.

Your Personal Intention

Your mala is an extremely personal item. Others may have suggestions for you but your intuition is what is going to ultimately guide you toward the “right” choice.
You might want to set aside some time before you go mala shopping and think about what you would like to invite into your life. Journal out some ideas and explore them before setting out to search for your mala.
The Universe likes clarity, so being specific really helps when calling your mala to you.
What could you use more of?
What goals are you setting right now?
What would help you move through your life with ease and grace?
What are you struggling with?
Think of a few intentions that are really strong right now for you, and when you are ready to bring a mala into your life, explore the crystals and the elements to see if they are a good match for your intentions.
Malas can include crystals, symbols and charms, blessings and more that can support you in a very specific way.


Explore the Crystals

Crystals hold energy and wisdom for all of us. Sometimes others can recommend crystals for your intentions and goals, but once again, you are the one who will make the ultimate decision.
If you can, touch and feel the mala when you are trying to decide. Hold it in your hands and simply listen to what it might have to say to you. See how the crystals feel for you and trust your instincts.
Sometimes you will pick a gemstone up and easily feel that you like or dislike it. Sometimes it takes a little time and patience. 
Trust that it will happen and don’t ignore your initial reaction to a crystal. This is your intuition trying to offer you wisdom.


Do you find the mala beautiful and pleasing?
The look of your mala is also important as you will be using it on a daily basis. It should be inspiring and uplifting to you!
Sometimes we know the mala is for us just by using our sense of sight and that is ok! Sometimes it is love and first sight!
What colors are the beads?
Do they create the desired feeling when you look at your mala?
Do the colors relate to a certain chakra you might need to work with?
Do you enjoy the beads a little more sparkly (faceted) or simply and smooth?
How does that reflect your purpose and intention?
What shape is the guru?
Sacred geometry can always come into play when choosing your mala as well!
Do you enjoy the movement of a tassel or do you prefer the guru only?
Your senses are there for a reason and seeing your mala should produce a magical effect too! 

Check In

After taking all this into consideration, you’ll simply just want to check in with yourself one last time and see how you feel. This is always the best indicator.
If you feel like you might have found the mala that is right for you right now, then use all of your senses to simply feel what the mala brings to you.
If it is excitement, joy, peace or any other desired feeling then you’ll know that you have made the right choice for you.
If, for some reason, the mala doesn’t feel quite right, even if you can’t explain exactly why, don’t feel rushed to move forward with it. Maybe there is something else out there waiting for you! Take a step back and allow yourself patience to find the one you need in your life and practice now.


And lastly, trust.
Trust that you have everything in you to choose the mala you need at that very moment. If you are allowing another to create a mala for you, trust that the mala you need is coming to you just at the right time. If you are choosing one online, trust that the perfect mala has been waiting for you all this time, because it has.
So many circumstances have arisen to put you in the exact place that you are now as you search for your mala. Have faith that the one you need has found you!


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