Using a Pendulum to Tap Into Your Intuition

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is an object on a chain or string and, when suspended, will swing in a particular direction in response to an answer.
They can be made of gemstones, wood, metal and other materials.
Having a crystal pendulum is my favorite because you can choose your pendulum crystal to correspond to the type of work or questions you may have.
Looking to tap into your intuition more? You can try labradorite.
Wanting deeper clarity? You can choose a clear quartz pendulum.
The beauty of pendulums is that they are spiritual tools that basically remind you that all the answers are already in you!
To get started you’ll want to cleanse your pendulum to prepare for the work you are about to do.

Cleanse your Pendulum

You can cleanse your pendulum before use so it is ready to work for you and free of any other energy. 
Try cleansing it in the moonlight or sunlight overnight or for a day, sage it or you can use other crystals to cleanse it.
Once you have cleansed your pendulum, you are ready to get started with programming your pendulum.

Program Your Pendulum

First, you’ll want to program the pendulum. 
What will  a “no" look like? What will a “yes” look like? 
Very often people choose a “no” to be a horizontal swing, and a “yes” to be vertical swing, with a “maybe/unknown" being a circular motion.
Demonstrate to the pendulum by swinging it in the direction and telling it that is what a yes will look like and so on.
(You can ask a couple of test questions too that you know the answers to and make sure that you and your pendulum are in agreement.)
Once your pendulum is cleansed and programmed there are several ways you can use it.
But first…

Set An Intention 

Before every session with your pendulum, make sure to set your intention and call upon your higher self to answer the questions you present to it. (Otherwise your subconscious mind might be the source of your answers!)

How to Use Your Pendulum

One popular way to use a pendulum is to retrieve answers to simple questions. Asking a pendulum is simple, but you’ll have to make sure your question is in a yes or no format.
Hold the fob (or the chain) at the top, rest your arm on a table or something steady and, in a relaxed manner, allow the pendulum to dangle.
Be sure to wait patiently and calm for the pendulum to start moving and revealing its answer.
Watch the direction it moves to see whether it is a yes or a no.
Keep the question simple and clear for the best results.
Sometimes getting an answer to a more complicated question might feel like a game of “hot and cold” but it can be done!
For instance, if you lost an item, you can ask, “Did I leave it in the living room?”
If yes, then you can go deeper. 
“Did I leave it near the couch?” 
And so on.
After the pendulum offers its wisdom, use your hand to stop the pendulum or tap it to the table to signal that you are finished with that question and that you are ready to move onto the next!
Don’t forget to thank your pendulum for helping you discover the answers you needed and store it in a safe place when you aren’t using it.
And remember, you have all the answers. 
This beautiful tool simply helps you become clear!


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