How to Charge and Connect to Your Sacred Jewelry

I truly believe adornments can be for the body and for the spirit!
Wearing crystals and gemstones can manifest the energy you want to nurture in your life, help you stay calm, connect to your intuition and even raise your vibration.
I love wearing sacred jewelry to remind me of my practice, but I also choose my crystals carefully to ensure that I am bringing the energy I want into the day too!
But how do you get the most out of your crystal jewelry?
How do you charge and activate your crystal jewelry to work for you?
Today, I wanted to go a little deeper into how to personally charge your sacred jewelry whether it is for manifesting intentions or healing, so that you can truly reap the beautiful benefits and connect with the power that is waiting inside them.
They are such gifts from Mother Earth and they are just waiting to support you!


When you first get your jewelry, you can “cleanse” the crystals through any means that feels good for you. 
I wrote another article on cleansing your mala beads here that will take you through the steps of cleansing. This article can be applied to crystal jewelry of any kind. 
Choose the method that best resonates with you.
This clears the crystal and “resets” it so that is is not carrying any other energy.

Charge and Connect

There are many rituals you can use to connect with your crystal and activate it for your unique purpose.
Try any of these below. The only rule is to do what feels good for you. You’ll know when you find the best way for you! Take your time to experiment and see how these different methods resonate (or don’t!) with you personally. It will be different for everyone.
It is ok to make up your own and/or mix these ideas into a ritual that flows naturally.

Use the Earth

This can be part of the cleansing process as well, but I like to include this because crystals originate from Earth and setting your crystal on the Earth brings Her amazing energy back to center. It is also very grounding for the person doing it, as it fosters connection and stimulates the root chakra.
Take your jewelry outside, set it carefully on the Earth for a few hours with your specific intention. You can write it down, whisper it and say it as you place it on a stone, at the foot of a tree, in a garden, near water or anywhere else that has deep meaning for you.

Use Reiki

Many of my clients practice Reiki, so I would love to mention this wonderful option here as well. Charge your jewelry with Reiki, imagine the symbols on your jewelry and use the power of that energy to stimulate your crystal.

Use Other Crystals

If you have other high energy crystals that you have worked with, set your jewelry near or on top of the crystal for a day to energize it. Crystal clusters work great for this.

Create a Connection

Your jewelry is something that is just for you, so take a little quiet time to sit with your crystal jewelry and simply feel it.
Sounds straightforward, but when we stop and do something with clarity and intention, it amplifies the effect.
When you first get your jewelry, you can hold it in your hands, close your eyes and listen to the message it is ready to offer you. Don't expect anything, just sit peacefully and allow what comes.

Set an Intention

Crystals are ready to work for you when you need them. All you need to do is tell them so! Set a specific intention for your jewelry.
Hold your crystal jewelry in your hand on your lap while seated or hold it at your heart chakra.
Then ask your crystal for the support of an intention, consciously activating it for that purpose.
Setting this clear intention will guide the crystal and allow it to "know" what you need it for.
These are just a few of the ways you can charge and connect with your crystal jewelry. I hope you found some of these useful and that you are inspired to connect with them so they can work their magic for you!


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