How to Cleanse Your Mala Beads


Mala beads are beautiful sacred tools to assist you in focusing your attention and enhance your meditation practice. Malas are created from natural materials such as rudraksha seed, bodhi seed as well as gemstones.

If you have a mala, sometimes you might feel the need to "reset" your mala, or cleanse your mala from negative energy or even another person's energy after general handling of your mala.

Cleansing your mala is a very personal choice and there are various ways you can do it. Choose what method feels best for you. Below are just a few of the methods you may use to cleanse your mala.



The sun offers wonderful healing and positive energy. You can use the sun to cleanse your mala whenever you choose. Simply leave your mala outside to bask in the sunlight for several hours or all day. (Just be sure it is in a safe place of course!)



The energy of the moon is equally powerful! You may also use lunar energy to cleanse your mala beads and set out your mala during a full or new moon for cleansing. You can leave it outside or on a windowsill to experience the effects of the moon. Leave it overnight or a few days for greatest benefit.



Smudging is a type of cleansing with the smoke of an herb like sage or palo santo. Light your smudge stick and state your intention to cleanse your mala beads. Hold your mala in your hand and wave the smudge stick, allowing the smoke to envelop the mala. Do this as long as feels good for you and be sure to put the smudge stick out completely upon completion.


Using Your Energy

You can also use your own energy to cleanse your mala. (Yes, you are powerful too!! )

Find a quiet space to sit and lay your mala out in front of you, preferably on a clean cloth. Take several deep breaths to quiet the mind with the mala in front of you. You can visualize a beautiful white light surrounding the mala with your eyes closed or open.

Visualize the mala being cleansed by this beautiful light of pure love. Focus for as long as you can on this energy or as long as you feel like your mala might need it. You will know when you are ready to stop. 


Once again, there is no one right way to cleanse your mala beads. Trust your intuition and let it guide you. You might want to try one (or all!) of these methods to see which feels best for you. Most of all, keep using your mala beads for your highest good!






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