6 Ways to Deal with Low Vibrations


How to deal with low vibrations


There is this myth out there that as light workers, teachers, healers or spiritual people that you need to be "high vibe" and positive all the time and this just isn't true!

It isn't real and it is totally exhausting!

I strongly believe that having a fully human experience means that it needs to run the gamut of emotions and it is important for us to feel every single one.

And every once and a while, no matter how awesome you are feeling on your journey, you'll run across a situation, a person, or event that is negative and a little complex.

There are those times when others may projects their unhappiness, their anger or frustration onto you or moments when some one else attempts to make you feel small due to their own suffering.

Their actions may trigger your own reactions too.

(I've so been there myself!)

So when this happens, what do we do?

How do we process our own "stuff", get clear and raise our vibration after encountering something that feels not so good?

Today I'd like to share some of my top tips for dealing with low vibrations and they may not all be what you expect!

Remove Yourself 

First things first. Remove yourself. There are going to be times where continuing a conversation or remaining in the situation is just not moving you forward. Love yourself enough to remove yourself for reflection, then resume the conversation later if needed.

Remove the Ego (Is there a lesson?)

This is a hard one. But just sometimes the Universe is reflecting back at us something we need to deal with or one of our own triggers that we need to acknowledge. 

Is there a reason why this person is making us feel this way?

Is there a lesson that we need to learn right now from this situation?

Take a step back without judgement to see if there is anything inside you need to look at.

Talk About It (But give it a limit)

It is always great to have support so make sure to express yourself and let it out. Sometimes talking to some one else gives us the clarity we need and getting feedback can sometimes be helpful too.

Talk about it BUT make sure not to dwell on the situation too long.

Like attracts like right?

Low vibes will attract low vibes.

Imagine the feeling you'd like to have and get clarity on how you will get there.

Let it out and move on.


This is another great way to move toward clarity when you are ready to do so.

Sometimes sitting down to meditate isn't the first thing you'll want to do, but clearing your mind and moving your focus toward the breath can immediately bring you in the space of a higher vibration.

Meditation, even for just a few minutes, will slow the mind and allow you to bring yourself closer to understanding your own feelings, thoughts and triggers.

It is one step closer to returning to your inner peace.

Try Essential Oils to Support You 

Essential oils can affect the senses and body systems to alter mood, behavior and emotions.

You can diffuse them or even wear them topically to gain their benefits and in situations of energy management, they can be wonderful support.

Here are my top three for dealing with and releasing low vibration people and situations. 

Forgive blend:
This doTERRA blend is amazingly powerful and one that I personally use often.  This is a great blend to assist in helping you forgive the person who may be operating in a lower vibration, but also to forgive yourself too if you reacted in a way that didn't feel in alignment with you.

Self love and forgiveness is SO important!

Clary Sage:
Clary sage is a great cleanser and calmer. We you feel ready to cleanse the space around you, clear your thought patterns and stop ruminating on the situation it can be a wonderful help.

Use it in a spray and spray the room, diffuse it, even just smelling it from the bottle can be beneficial to "reset".

Wild Orange:

Wild orange is an oil of positivity and high vibration, as well as an oil of abundance. Take some time to inhale this oil and remember to be grateful for all the lessons.

Abundance is created from gratitude and recognizing all that good that is already in your life.

(Plus it is hard to smell orange and be grumpy. Try it. I dare you!)

Send out Compassion (When YOU are Ready)

And lastly, send out compassion to the person that might have hurt you.

This step should only be done when YOU are ready to....and it can take time.

The only way to release is when you are whole heartedly ready to let go completely and send love the other person's way.

Remember, love is the highest vibration!







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