5 Essential Oils for Your Spiritual Awakening

When we combine our thoughts, our bodies and our minds with the magical gifts of mother nature, we reveal wisdom...
The wisdom of our true Selves.
The wisdom of the Earth.
The wisdom held in the vibration of every living cell.
My journey into essential oils first began with physical health, but when I began to explore how they could create new nueropathways in the brain, assist with focus, vibration and energy….I was hooked!
Today, I wanted to share my top five essential oils for spiritual awakening with you.
One sniff isn’t going to make you “woke”, but using these oils on a regular basis and working with the oils to see how they speak to you consistently will offer great shifts in your life if you allow them!
Just ensure that you are using proper oils safety (avoiding sensitive areas and diluting your oils) and that you are using high quality essential oils that are third party tested. 
(Remember even if it says “pure”, “natural”, “100%” on the bottle does NOT mean it is so. There is no regulation on essential oils and just about anything can be inside!)
If you want to learn more about essential oils safety just reach out to me or join my free essential oils group here for information and free classes to help you get started on your journey.
Ok let’s dig in!


This oil will be forever at the top of my list. It is called the “King of Oils” for good reason. 
It a resin from a tree sourced in Somalia. Frankincense is a known spiritual oil with associations to the crown and root chakra.
It assists one in opening the third eye and getting in touch with one’s intuition. It is a protector, shielding us from negativity and is perfect to alleviate stress for worry so that we can focus on our inner work.
It invites us to release lower vibrations and reveals our inner truth.


I love to talk about some of the lesser known oils like rosemary. Yes, it smells amazing for the culinary arts, but did you know that it has some of the most amazing spiritual properties as well?
Rosemary is often called the oil of knowledge and transition.
When doing the inner work, we are constantly shifting and changing (and not always comfortably)! Rosemary is wonderful support for this.
It helps with developing true knowledge of the Self and brings us deeper into our soul purpose. It helps us ask those hard questions to really dig into answers that will move us along our path.
It invites us to trust in a higher vibration or power and feel supported during our work.


Sandwood is often called the oil of devotion. Mala beads are traditionally made of sandalwood and it is considered a holy tree.
Sandalwood can assist with meditation and spirituality as it teaches us devotion to a higher source (whatever that may be for you.)
It is incredibly calming and centering, perfect for meditation and introspection. It helps to quiet the mind so that we can really hear what needs to be heard on our spiritual path.
This is a great one to break through belief systems and move forward. 


As a favorite of many, lavender can be used in so many ways! It is an oil of communication and associated with the throat chakra and speaking our truth.
Lavender is extremely calming and works well to help quiet our thoughts and allow us to open up during any spiritual work, whether it is ritual, meditation etc.
It is great to use in preparation for spiritual work as well, and can bring the lower and higher chakras into a greater harmony.
When using for meditation, it assists with bringing us even deeper and allowing us to get into our flow with grace and ease.

Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile is a great oil for spiritual work as it allows us to see our true purpose. It helps us reval our true nature and what we came here on this earth to do.
This oil can help us release what no longer serves us and quit activities that are not furthering our purpose. It is a gentle reminder of why we are here and supports our true goal.
This oil helps us feel connected to our spirits and guides and know that we are deeply supported.
There are so many beautiful ways you can use your oils to support your journey.

Here are just a few way to use your oils:

  • Diffuse them before or during meditation, journaling or other spiritual practice.
  • Apply them to the body such as the third eye or other chakra points, pulse points or back of neck.
  • Use diffuser jewelry to bring the power of oils with you wherever you go.
I hope the quick exploration of these oils will inspire you to go deeper and try these for yourself!

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