10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration (Especially When You Are Overwhelmed)

Sometimes we need to take step back don't you think?
Sometimes we need to turn off the news, shut down our phones, and just take a break from the constant input of the everyday so that we can remain in a state of wellbeing.
There is so much stimulation in our daily lives, and it can be come overwhelming and even challenging to stay centered and living in "high vibration".
Have you felt this way?
Today I would love to talk about simple ways we can get clear, raise our vibrations and bring a higher energy into our lives.


What are "vibes" anyway?

Everything is energy and we are all energetic beings.
"Low vibrations" can manifest in the way of sadness, negative thoughts and even poor health.
"High vibrations" are associated with joy, positive thoughts and outcomes, a greater sense of ease and connection.
But first let's bust the myth....
You don’t need to positive all the time. There I said it!
There is this myth in this online space that we need to be happy and positive all the time but this actually isn't healthy, nor is it real.
So I am releasing you from the pressure of trying to be "high vibes" every waking moment.
Anger, frustration are part of our human experience and serves a greater purpose when dealt with in awareness.
It can drive us forward. It can lead us toward change. So embrace it and use it!


Be aware of what goes in- mind body and spirit.

Think about the food you eat. Is it nourishing?  Is it helping your body achieve optimal health? Does it make you feel good?
Don't obsess and enjoy your treats ( I certainly do!) but choose foods that support your health on a daily basis.
Also, do your best to be aware of the types of media your are consuming. Do you feel a certain way after watching a certain type of movie or genre? Are you lethargic or anxious?
What you watch and read really affects you and your outlook on life as well. 
Try reading inspiring literature or books that are more spiritual in nature when you need to stay grounded or want to encourage more positive energy.

Spend time in nature.

This is an easy one and one that many of us forget!
Take time to spend outdoors in the fresh air and physically connect with the earth. It could be the beach, your backyard or your front lawn.
Take your shoes off, feel the earth and use the energy of our planet to raise your energy levels when you feel drained.

Take a soothing bath.

This is part of my new self care ritual too!
Try bathing with salts and minerals. Epsom salt is a great choice and it detoxes the body too to move negative energy and toxins out. 
Baths can relax and detox the mind too! Throw in some plant magic like essential oils like frankincense, lavender and myrrh.


Getting the body moving allows blood to flow! Talk a walk, do yoga, find even a little time to stretch and get moving and you will see results. This is a great way to stimulate your body and your mind in a positive way.


This is one of the best ways I know how to raise my vibration! Meditation brings your mind into focus and allows a deeper sense of well being, connection as well as spiritual awareness.
Even a few minutes a day can really support you on your journey and keep your vibration aligned with higher thoughts and energy.

Use gemstones. 

I love using gemstones to lift my mood and my energy. Always choose ones that feel good for you. No books or research is needed. Trust your intuition to find the stones that you need when you need them.
My favorite gem for high vibes is crystal quartz. Crystal quartz offers clarity and is an amplifier and purifier so it is perfect to work with when you want to vibrate higher.

Create a sacred space.

Even of you don’t have a room dedicated to meditation or a sacred space, have a special area on a shelf or a windowsill and it can be just as effective!
Decorate it with items that make you feel inspired, alive and connected. You can add crystals, candles, statues, images, flowers, or anything else you desire. Each time you spend time there, you add to the wonderful energy of the area!


Use the cleansing properties of sage, palo santo or other herbs to clear your space of the negative. This ancient practice not only clears the air but cleanses the stagnant energy and allows room for you to intentionally invite positivity inside your space.

Start a Gratitude journal.

This practice is wonderful to create more positive energy. Using your attention towards things that you are grateful for, open you up to manifest the feelings and situations you desire.
The more you focus on what you appreciate, the more you attract positive energy.
Take a moment each evening to simply write down all the things yo uare grateful for. If you feel stumped at first, you can start with physical things, then move deeper into your appreciation of relationships, people, health and more. Let it flow without judgement and eventually your books will overflow with gratitude!
This isn't by any means a complete list of all the magical things you can do to raise your vibration, but I hope you will find it a good start to bring more clarity, positivity and joy into your life!


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