8 Ways to Spiritually Detox and Make Room for Your Purpose

Today we are bombarded with all kinds of input, media, social networking, work, television, and the demands of daily life.
Sometimes a spiritual detox can feel so delicious and start us on a new path so that we can gain clarity and go deeper into our life’s purpose.
Maybe you’ve been having problems at work, or you are stressed about finances. Maybe you’ve got some things to work out in a relationship.
All these things build up and can become overwhelming. 
A spiritual detox is a way to get rid of all the gunk we have been holding, let go of things that haven’t been serving us very well and start with a clean slate.
But how to you go about doing a spiritual detox?
Here are some of my favorite easy and fun ways to spiritually detox and get you back on the path.

Clear and cleanse your physical space

Sometimes just starting with the physical realm can really help with making shifts in our emotional and spiritual ones.
So go ahead and clear the clutter in your workspace. Take a day to go through your closets and let go of anything that isn’t brining you joy.
Let go of things or give them as gifts to others if you haven’t used them in a while.
Everything has energy and if we have too many things in our environment it can affect our mood, our thinking and our joy.
Let them go and make room for the new!

Sage it!

Sage is a wonderful way to cleanse your space physically (it does have anti-bacterial properties!) and spiritually.
Burn sage or other cleansing herb throughout the home with the strong intention of clearing any energy from your space so you can invite new positive energy inside!
Not a fan of the smoke?
I have a beautiful recipe for smudging without burning sage by using high vibration essential oils. Click here to download your free essential oils recipe book and learn more.

Commune with Nature

Mama earth is always there for you offering her energy. Take off your shoes and get grounded and feel her vibration. This will give your body and mind a reset and help you come back to center.


Yep, you knew that was coming! Taking time to reset your brain and put your mind into a state of allowance, well being and receiving.
Meditation can open you up to new experiences and get you out of the rut of ruminating abut a situation.
Even if you do not have a lot of time, sit for 5 minutes in the morning and evening with an affirmation close to your heart.

Spread Love and Compassion

When we are feeling down or feel like there is too much going on, simply stop what you are doing and go spread some love.
Stop to write a love note, an email or a text to some one you haven’t seen in a while. Make a care package for some one, send a surprise or buy coffee for the person behind you in line.

Grab your crystals

Crystals have so much to offer you. They know exactly what to do for you, just ask them. You can create a crystal grid just for the purpose of encouraging higher vibrations or you can simply add more crystals to your surroundings.
Try to meditate with crystal quartz or selenite. Both of these crystals offer clarity and balancing for the mind and spirit.

Get a Massage

Incorporate some self care into your routine and give yourself a body treat! It will get the blood flowing and moving throughout and help you ramp up the positive vibes. When your body is feeling good and relaxed your energy can be more open and ready to receive the goodness!

Use Essential Oils

There are so many ways to use essential oils, but this simplest is to diffuse detoxifying oils in your space during the day while meditating, cleaning or journaling.
Some great detoxifying and spiritually uplifting oils are:
Wild Orange
Clary Sage
Diffuse them in your space, apply to the body or use them in a bath too for the full benefits.
I hope you will try one (or all!) of these ways to cleanse your mind, inspire your heart and celebrate your spirit!


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