Sacred New Moon Rituals for Intention Setting


The new moon represents new beginnings, a fresh start and an unlimited potential.
Moon cycles are closely tied to earth, our bodies, and our spirits and there are so many ways to honor and explore the power of the moon. 
We can celebrate the moon in its various phases, and each phase brings a different energy that we can harness.
The new moon is a great time for setting intentions and becoming clear on our desires. 
Today, I would love to share some simple new moon rituals that can help you tap into this fresh energy of the new moon.
You can create your own rituals based upon what resonates for you, but here are some simple ways to get started with your personal new moon celebration.

Create Space

For any ritual, it is important to have the right space.
You can create a moon altar or special space that is set up to support your intentions for your ritual. This may include crystals, candles, statues, flowers, essential oils or more.
Play soothing music, and have things around you that inspire your sacred work. Let your intuition guide you as to what would make you feel most supported during your ritual.
Always take a few minutes to smudge this space with intention (or use cleansing incense), so that you are starting your ritual with a cleansed and positive atmosphere. You may also smudge yourself at this time as well.
During the new moon, you’ll want to focus setting new intentions for the month ahead and setting up a great foundation is a wonderful way to begin your special practice.

Prepare and Ground

Before any ritual it is important to find a way to ground yourself and ready yourself for the work ahead.
Set up your space and find a comfortable seated position while you take a few minutes for this grounding session. 
You can sit in meditation, gaze gently at a candle, or simply do a few rounds of deep breathing to put your mind in a space of receiving and concentration.

Time to Set Your Intentions

It is important to get very clear on what you want when it comes to manifesting during this moon phase.
Journaling is a great way to start your new moon ritual and set those intentions in motion. There is great power in writing your intentions down!
Take some time to sit and write out the vision of what you would like to come about. It can be a stream of consciousness journal vision of how you image your life to be or a specific situation. It can be a list of things that you desire or you can even write your clear intention on a single piece of paper.
Just the simple act of writing it creates a stronger energy field around the things you are desiring.

Perform Symbolic Act

This is where you can get really creative and create something a bit more personal for your ritual. Now is the time to perform some symbolic act to represent your intentions.
For example, you can hold a flower and bring it to your heart chakra to allow mare acceptance of love. You can use an essential oil like Frankincense and dab it on your third eye to represent your intention to follow your intuition. You can simply place a crystal with your written intention on paper beneath it.
Find a symbolic act that represents your intention. There is no correct way! Just get creative and find something that can solidify the intention you set during this ritual.


You can end your ritual with another short meditation. Allow a few minutes for simply being and allowing the thoughts to move through you. Let them come and go and just take note of what comes up and any feelings that may arise.
The challenging part can be to simply allow the thoughts to move without judgment or fear.
Try your best to be simply the witness and refocus your attention to the intentions you are desiring to bring about.
Close your ritual with your meditation and an always an offering of gratitude for the things your already have.
Remember this is your ritual, so use ritual items and methods that feel best for you. Once you are done, let go and trust that your intentions will come about in divine timing.


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