How to Craft Powerful Intentions


Words and intentions carry powerful energy.

Setting personal intentions can create a wonderful shift and momentum in your life, if you know just how to craft them.
Sometimes, our dreams just don’t seem to be coming fast enough and it can frustrating.
We may think we know what we want, we may feel like we are doing all the right things, but somehow our dreams are not manifesting with the speed we thought they would.
Today I would love to share some tips on what helped me craft more powerful intentions so that you can do it too!

Really dig deep into what YOU want.

Take some time to be true and honest and with your Self.
Think about what YOU really want.
What does success look like to you? 
What really lights you up?
Try not to get attached to what some one else's idea of success, freedom, fun, or joy looks like.
Journal and write it out, sketch it, talk it out but get to know and trust what you want, even if it doesn’t make sense to some one else!
What is true to you will give your intention so much more power and feeling.

Be specific.

This is where we can make a really big impact with something quite small.
Know what you really want and be super specific about it!
The Universe LOVES when you tell it exactly what you want. Don’t be afraid to make it big!
Go with the feeling and excitement it gives you and get really clear on your desires.
It may not always show up that way, but getting specific is super important.
A wishy washy request will only get you a wishy washy result!
If you are looking to create more abundance in your life then don’t just say “I want lots of money” or "my intention is to make a lot of money this year."
Be clear and say a very specific amount and goal.
"I intend to invite more abundance into my life in the sum of $15,000 by the end of June."
Clarity not only puts out exactly what you want to the Universe but it also puts you in a place of understanding how to take inspired action towards those goals too!

Use only positive words.

Carefully choosing your words is important when crafting your intentions.
How the words make you feel when you say it is part of the energy that gives life to your intention so choose carefully!
Instead of “I want negative people out of my life” and having the loaded word “negative” in your intentions, try stating it like  “I intend to attract amazing and positive people into my life everyday so that I can grow to the person I came here to be.”
Huge difference right?!
Both your subconscious mind and the universe don’t judge things as bad or good.
Its all about the energy.  
Using negative words will trip up your flow so keep it positive!

Trust and let it go.

And this may be the hardest of them all!
Just know in your heart that it is all coming to you. 
Knowing and acting like you already have it is key. Trust that all your intentions can and will happen.
Trust that you have put all the right  things into motion and you don't need to force it or push them forward.

Be Consistent.

And last is consistency.
State your intentions daily (or as consistently as you can!) to keep the energy on that wavelength and strengthen your intentions.
What we focus on expands!
It can take time and practice so be kind to yourself too.
You can use sticky notes, journal your intentions, make vision boards, state them out loud daily or wear intention jewelry to remind yourself of what you are looking to create in your life.
And, lastly, make sure to enjoy the process. The feeling of not having and "not being there yet" can affect the beautiful work you are doing. 
Set your intentions, hold the vision and trust that the aligned action ideas will come to you when the time is right! 

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