Powerful Full Moon Ritual Bath For Letting Go

Full Moons are a time of great movement and momentum.
It is the time where we can harness the amazing energy of this moon phase to create palpable shifts in our lives and bring deeper awareness to our purpose and vision.
One of my absolute favorite ways (and one of the most powerful) is with a ritual bath.
"A bath, really? I only took a bath as a child." you might be thinking.
I am not talking about a bubble bath with a rubber duckie (although those are fun!), but a sacred ritual ripe and delicious with your own personal magic.
Ritual baths are full of sacred intention and can help you symbolically and literally detox, release and let go of things that are holding you back from manifesting.
And I am on a mission to share how incredibly powerful these rituals can be with the amazing gifts given to us from Mama Earth!
If you haven’t tried a ritual bath yet then I encourage you to give this a try. It is not only a beautiful way to connect with the Self, but also to detox the body and the mind, to slow down and to honor the light within you!
Bathing can be symbolic of cleansing and rebirth and the full moon is the perfect time to go within and identify all the things that are no longer serving you in this life and release them.
To create this full moon ritual you will need:
        • Cleansing herbs to smudge with (sage, pale santo etc.)
        • Candle(s)
        • Crystals: Moonstone, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst 
        • Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Lavender, Frankincense, Cedarwood, and/or Forgive Blend by dōTERRA©  (I only use dōTERRA oils for their purity, transparency and their high vibration. Feel free to message me for more information about how you can get these oils at wholesale pricing)
        • 1 Tbsp of Carrier Oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil
        • 1 Cup of Himalayan Pink Salt
        • A notebook or journal (optional)




Step one: Create Sacred Space

This is a must before any ritual. Do this in a way that feels good for you and for as long as it feels good for you.
I recommend burning sage (smudging), palo santo or cedar to cleanse your space and make room for a higher vibration. Come into your bath ritual not as you would a regular bath, but as a sacred ceremony and an invitation of release and empowerment.
You may also smudge yourself and clear your personal energy to ready yourself for this special bath.
Drink a cup of water before the bath to ensure you are hydrated.

Step Two: Prepare Your Bath

Begin to fill the bath with warm water and feel free to play soothing music or chanting while you set out your candle (or candles) and crystals around the tub to prepare your bath. 
For me, this preparation feels sweet and is the beginning of the ritual itself as I lay out my crystals along the tub in whatever way feels good to me. I like to have the candles and crystals in my direct view so I can enjoy them as I bathe.
As you place your items around the bath and light your candles, do this slowly and keep your intention in mind to have a release during this ritual.
Pour 1 cup of the himalayan pink salt inside the bath to dissolve.
Add 5 drops of any of the oils mentioned above (or mix them!) into a tablespoon of your fractionated coconut oil (or other carrier oil) and pour into your bath as well. 
Please Note: Oil and water do not mix but the carrier oil will avoid “neat” or direct application of the oils which can cause reaction to sensitive skin.
You will start to enjoy the beautiful aromas and benefit from this preparation even before you enter your bath! 

Step Three: Set Your Intention of Release

While your bath is still filling up, or even if it is complete already, take 5 minutes to sit comfortably in your bathroom or nearby room and write down in your journal all the things you are intending to release during this ritual. 
Writing your thoughts down is powerful, so don’t skip this step of clearly identifying what you want to let go!
If you are not called to write them down, you can say them out loud just before you enter your bath.
It could be regret, a belief that isn’t servingyou, a block of some kind, a habit, anything that you want to let go of so that you can move forward on your path. Write them down in your journal or on a piece of paper without fear or judgement.

Step Four: Enter Your Bath

Now it is time to slowly enter your bath.
Once inside your bath, appreciate and enjoy the amazing experience you have created for yourself. 
The salts will be detoxifying your body and bringing essential minerals to you. 
Your oils will be vibrating to assist all the intentions you have just written out and aid in relaxing your mind and body.
Your crystals will be assisting in aligning you to a higher vibration.
You can simply quietly sit inside your bath, or you can do some deep breathing (pranayama) and/or meditate using a mantra.
If you do decide to meditate, you can choose your own mantra or use Ganesha’s mantra (Om Gum Ganapatye Namaha) for releasing obstacles in your path.
Or if you prefer to meditate without a mantra, focus on the breath and imagine you are releasing all those things you wrote in your journal one by one on every exhale.

Step Five: End Your Bath and Fully Release

When you are ready to end your bath, open up the drain so that the water begins to drain out while you are still inside the bath.
You can then say out loud:
I release all that no longer serves me.
I am washing it all away so that I may start anew in alignment and power.
And so it is.
Remain inside the bath until all water is gone and imagine that this is the final letting go of all worry, negative energy, and anything else you came to release.
End your bath with a thought of gratitude for this beautiful magic you have created.
Now it is time to surrender and allow the Universe to take care of it!


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