The Sacred Meaning of Om

The Sacred Meaning of Om



That delicious mantra that we hear and use so often. 
You will find Om during your yoga class, you will hear it at the opening of a meditation. Hundreds of mantras begin with Om.

But do we know the true meaning of this sacred mantra?

Truly defining this mantra can be tricky. It is often described as the sound of the Universe, an ancient vibration that great sages that came before us realized was the primordial sound, the beginning, the spark of realization.
Om (or often spelled “Aum, or Ohm”) is comprised of three syllables.
Three is a sacred number in many beliefs.

There are many interpretations to this trinity of syllables.

Some believe it represents the heavens, earth and the underworld, or the Hindu Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It can also represent the three states of consciousness - Waking, Dreaming and Deep sleep.
This seed or Bij mantra written in Sanskrit has three distinct parts to it as well. When written you may notice that there is a part that looks much like a “three” (this is “ah”), t the small attachment looks like and “s” (this is “ooo”) and the dot with the half moon is the “mmm”.
Some even see the fire of Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed deity in the Sanskrit representation of this mantra. Ganesha is the one who remove obstacles and helps overcome difficulties.  If you look carefully you can imagine his trunk in moving lines of this beautiful Sanskrit symbol.
Om can be chanted alone or and even increases its power with others.

Anyone can use this mantra and feel its amazing benefits!

It is a connection to the inner Source, the vibration that hums within each of us but also the vibration of the energy that surrounds us. We are one with all and chanting Om reminds us of that connection.
No matter where or when you use it, chant it often and enjoy the sacred vibration!





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