How to Create a Meaningful Sacred Space



Creating a sacred space can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself and your practice. (And even if you don't have a meditation practice, you can still benefit from dedicating a space for peace.) 

The process doesn't need to be complicated or expensive, or even require a lot of work! It is quite easy to invite beautiful energy into your home.


Choosing a Space

Choose a space that is a more secluded part of the home, or you know that you can close a door and be undisturbed for a period of time.

Your space could be an entire room, a corner of a room, a simple shelf or even a windowsill. It can be indoors or outdoors, depending on what feels good for you!


Decorating Your Space

Because this is your space, choose items that resonate with you to decorate it. Your space is meant to be a solace, an inspiration, and a refuge. Choose furnishings and decor that have meaning for you and nurture your intentions.

You can decorate your space with items from nature, inspiring statues, plants, crystals, flowers, feathers or other decorative items. Be sure not to over clutter your space, but mindfully choose a small collection of items that feel good to look upon and be around.


Inspiring the Senses

Design your space with the senses in mind. For example, you could choose cushions that are soft and pleasurable to the touch. Try incense or candles with soothing scents. You can even play peaceful music or chanting in your sacred space before, during or after your meditation. Decorate the area with visuals that inspire and uplift you of goddesses, mandalas and mantras. You can even enjoy some relaxing tea for your taste buds before or after meditation or hatha yoga.


Cleansing your Space

It feels wonderful to clear your space occasionally of any stagnant or negative energy. You can use sage to "smudge" your space or burn incense. Simply burn your sage or incense and walk about the room spreading the smoke with the dedicated intention of clearing it of negative energy, paying close attention to doors, windows and corners. Having crystal quartz around can also be a wonderful addition to the positive energy of your space!


Closing Thoughts

This space you have created is just for you. It doesn't need to look like any other space or idea of what a sacred space should look like. Be sure that your sacred space is used only for meditation and reflection. This way your mind is programmed to reach a peaceful state with ease when entering your space and the very room itself will hold the beautiful energy you have created during your time there.

Most of all, enjoy your special place! Ask others to be quiet and respectful if they enter, and be sure to spend plenty of time using it!

You will soon find that you want to spend more and more time there nurturing the good vibes and expanding your practice.





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