Invite Clarity and Abundance with Smudging

What is smudging?

Smudging is a beautiful way to cleanse your space, clear your energy and invite high vibrations into your life.

It is the ceremonial burning of herbs or incense to clear the space of negative or "stuck" energy. Some popular smudging herbs are white sage, palo santo, cedar, sweetgrass and lavender to name just a few!

Recently, the ancient art of smudging has been scientifically studied and it has been suggested that it reduces toxins and bacteria in the air for a healthier environment too!

Science or spirituality aside, smudging has been practiced for generations and it can raise your vibrations and open your space to more clarity and abundance through cleansing.


Reasons to smudge:

You can smudge for many different reasons. Here are just a few ways smudging can offer it's benefits.

1. To cleanse your space.

You can smudge after an argument, illness or a traumatic event. You can even smudge when you just move into a new home or any new space that you will be occupying for a length of time. Smudging your space can clear the environment of any residual energy and let you start with a blank slate.


2. To purify yourself.

Smudging yourself can be part of a personal ceremony or ritual where you purify yourself as well. This can increase clarity and balance and assist you in creating a high vibration for your spiritual practice, whatever it may be!


3. To cleanse an object.

You can also smudge to cleanse an object such as your crystals, statues, altar or mala beads too! This leaves it clear of any residual negativity that might have been there from those who previously handled the object. It will be ready to work its highest good for you!


Some Easy Steps to Smudging:

There are different rituals and traditions when it comes to smudging so always do what feels right to you and what resonates.

For me, there are a few main components to successful smudging.


1. Create a sacred space.

First, before you begin create a calm and quiet space. Set aside time where you will not be rushed and that you can give your full attention to your ritual without distraction.


2. Set your intention.

If you are smudging your home to cleanse it, say your intention for this ritual out loud (or in your mind). You can ask for blessings, or simply say that your intention is to clear this space of any negative energy so that you may live your highest good. You can recite a mantra or simple affirmation before or for the duration of your ritual.


3. Don't forget corners!

If you are cleansing a room, be sure to get the cleansing smoke in doorways, around windows and crevices where energy stagnates.


4. Honor the elements and complete your ritual.

Very often the burning of sage or other smudging materials are accompanied by an abalone shell. The shell will not only serve as a beautiful way to catch the embers, but can also represent the element of water completing the 4 elements.  

Sage is grown from the earth and therefore represents the earthly plane, the burning of the sage is fire, the cleansing smoke is the air and the shell, water.

You may offer some words of gratitude for these elements to the Universe, Mother Earth or whatever feels good for you as you finish. 

Once you feel finished smudging, you can let the embers die out on the sage stick after placing it in the abalone shell. (Please never leave your burning sage unattended and always be sure that it is indeed put out!)

That's it! Simply enjoy the benefits of this ancient practice!



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