How to Use Your Crystals (What You Need to Know to Get Started)

How to Use Your Crystals (What You Need to Know to Get Started)

Ever find yourself totally enamored with a crystal while you are browsing through a shop?

Ever feel an overwhelming need to have a very specific crystal necklace, even when you planned on just window shopping?

There is a reason why we are so attracted to crystals and gemstones. They hold millions of years of the earth's wisdom and energy. And each crystal, like a person, is incredibly unique.

Here are some crystal basics if you are just getting started with using crystals and crystal energy.


Choose Your Crystal

I always recommend simply using your intuition. It will never steer you wrong!

If you are in a shop looking for crystals, take time to walk around and touch any crystal that you are instinctively drawn to. Sometimes you will be attracted instantly and other times it might take a little more searching.

Let yourself roam and allow yourself to be called to the right one. Sometimes, nothing will call and that is ok too. It will!

If you are buying crystals online, still trust in your intuition. The right crystals have a way of finding you! Take a look at the color, the patterns, and the texture of the picture of the crystal.

What feels good to you is what is most important.

If you look at a crystal and feel the strong urge to touch it and interact with it, this is a good indication that it can serve you well.


Cleanse and Program Your Crystals

Once you have the crystal (or crystals) chosen, you may want to cleanse them of any residual or negative energy.

Honestly, I do not personally believe that this step is completely necessary for the crystal but it is more for us! Remember, crystals have the wisdom of millions of years on their side. They know what to do!

However, this ritual can be very beneficial. If you feel like you want to cleanse your crystal, you can set it on a windowsill to cleanse in the sun or try setting it out at night on a full moon to cleanse in the moonlight.

Burying your crystals in the earth is another option, or you can cleanse your crystal with water as well. Please note that cleansing your crystal in water for some stones can actual be detrimental, so do some research to ensure your crystal will not be negatively affected by water.


Program Your Crystal

To program your crystal after you have cleansed it, you can keep it nearby on a bedside table or your desk at work. If you feel like you need to take the crystal energy with you, pop it inside a purse or bag to keep it close. This helps you get to know your crystal. Take time to meditate with it or sit with it to begin setting your intention and energy with your crystal.


Using Your Crystals

How you use your crystals is a personal choice and totally up to you! You can have wonderful benefits by simply keeping the crystal close and allowing it to be around you in your daily life.

Keep it at your desk, near your computer, at your bedside, in the living room, anywhere!

You may also use your crystals more actively by choosing to sit quietly holding them while reciting an affirmation or using them for meditation. Some people enjoy laying the crystals on their body on chakra points or wherever feels good for them. You can even set up a crystal grid to set a very specific intention.

Use your crystal in any way that resonates with you and you will reap the benefits no matter what you decide!

After working with crystals regularly you may even begin to feel subtle shifts in your daily life.

Be sure to enjoy it!







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