How To Host your Own Mala Party!

How To Host a Mala Party... Even if You've Never Hosted Anything Like it Before!)

Here are some tips to get you started creating an amazing event, even if you have never hosted anything like it before!

All the sacred knowledge is within you and there is no right or wrong way to host a mala party. Use these suggestions below, but make it unique to your special party and most of all, have fun!


To host an amazing event:

  • First reach out to your tribe, your besties and your soulmates. Find a date everyone has free for at least a few hours. These events work best if there is no rush or engagements to run to afterwards. Ask everyone to commit to at least a few hours and be fully present.


  • Grab the Mala Kit Party Bundle and choose how many mala kits you will need and what gemstones resonate best for your guests. You could split the cost of the malas or gift them to your guests too! Be sure to check shipping times to ensure that your kits will reach you for the event. (Allow at least 2 weeks for shipping or reach out to me to be sure your bundle gets to you in time.)



Create a sacred space:

  • As the host of this event, you'll want to have a serene setting to share space and allow people to chat, relax and create. Hosting your event in your home is a great option because people will feel comfortable and more open about their experiences there.


  • Decide whether you will create your malas at a table or set up some blankets and cushions on the floor for your guests. Whatever room you choose, make sure that it is clean and free of clutter.


  • Use the sage included in your kit to "smudge" the room where you will be creating your malas. Simply light the sage until it smokes, take a deep breath and set the intention allowed that you are clearing the room of any stagnant or negative energy. Wave the smoke slowly around the walls, corners, windows and doorways. (Be sure to put out the sage in a heat proof container and check that no embers are still burning.)


  • Just before guests arrive you can lay out the cushions, light candles and even put on some soothing music to set the tone.


  • Feel free to add anything you like to your event such as nourishing foods and tea for your guests before or after the mala making!


When to create:

  • You decide when the time is right to begin your mala making, When you feel it is time, ask everyone to be seated. As the host you can watch the course on how to create your wrist mala first, then teach your guests or you can have a laptop, tablet or phone nearby with the course videos and everyone can follow along together at the same pace.



After the malas are complete:

  • Time to celebrate! Once everyone has completed their mala, take a moment to guide everyone into silence. Ask your guests to hold their malas to their hearts and close their eyes. Ask your party to envision a beautiful white light flowing from their heart chakra into the mala, infusing it with blessings and love. (This blesses the mala and programs it with their unique energy.) Let the party sit in silence for about a minute to do this. When the minute is up, ask them to open their eyes and thank them wholeheartedly for sharing space with you.


  • Proceed to eat, chat, and share your experiences with each other! You could even have a short meditation session with your new mala together as well. The sky is the limit!


Record and share the experience:

  •  And don't forget to take photos and record the event! Take photos of the process, the competed malas and your friends and tag Jewels of Saraswati on Instagram and Facebook!


As you see, it doesn't take much to host a mala party. It strengthens the bond of friendship, cultivates awareness and results in a beautiful spiritual tool you can use over and over again! 

Thinking of hosting your own mala party? Click the image below and get started.





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