How to Activate Your Mala Beads with Powerful Intentions


Malas are beautiful and personal tools that not only count your mantra and focus energy but they can assist in manifesting your intentions.

Activating your mala beads is a lovely way to bond with them. It can set a clear intention for your beads and have them align with your unique energy.

Think of it as "powering up" the goodness just for your practice!

There are so many ways you can do this, but I find the below ritual to work best.

First, you will want to prepare a peaceful place.

Light a candle, play soothing music. Do things that help you ready the space to set your intentions. If you have a sacred space already, you can sit there with your mala.


To get started:


  • Find a comfortable seated position.


  • First take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness to your breathing.


  • Hold your mala in both hands in your lap for a moment or two.


  • Once you feel somewhat calm and your thoughts start to slow a little, you can bring both hands into a prayer position with the mala enfolded in them.


  • Bring your hands to your heart chakra/heart area and imagine a beautiful white light of loving energy flowing into your mala. Hold here for a few seconds or however long feels good to you.


  • Then bring your mala to your crown chakra (just above the eyebrows) and think of a soulful intention or you can send a feeling into your mala. (It can be that you want to feel a sense of peace, or you want to heal from past trauma, or you want to invite more compassion, etc.) Your intentions are personal and up to you!


  • Ask your mala to guide and support you on your journey or simply ask it to help you focus when you need it.


  • Return the mala to your heart chakra, pausing again for a few moments, then down to your lap again.


  • Allow yourself to sit a moment and just feel. Don't worry about what you think your should feel, just let the moment be.


  • Get up slowly when you are ready.


You have now "activated" your mala! Use it an enjoy it knowing you have created a strong intention for your practice.









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