How to Truly Manifest Your Intentions

Many of us have resolutions for the new year, but this term never resonated with me. I like to set intentions instead.

They feel soulful, they feel doable, they feel freeing and delicious!

If you are looking to change something this year, bring yourself deeper into Spirit, or simply be a better more loving version of yourself, then an intention might just be the thing for you.

But how do you set intentions that will actually manifest for you?

It is easy enough to say what you want to do, but to make it happen? Well, you have the magic in you. So let's do this!


 How to Actually Manifest Your Intention

1. First, search deep. Choose an intention that really aligns with a core desire you have in your life. This may seem simple, but many people realize too late that they are setting up intentions that maybe aren't the real root of what they want for themselves! Take a few minutes to meditate and ask questions. Then, listen. What is your heart really craving?

2. Make it DOABLE. Don't set your sights on a huge goal that will take the year to set in motion. Set up something that is totally doable in a shorter period of time. If you resolve to meditate everyday, then set an intention for a week. If you can do that, then two weeks. And so on. 

3. Be compassionate towards yourself. If you mess up, miss what you planned, totally kind. Be kind to YOU. Just pick up where you left off tomorrow. 

4. Be open. Sometimes we get really specific about what we want, and that is ok when we are sending things out to the Universe. In fact, being specific is a must! But sometimes, just sometimes, there are forces out there that know what is better for us, so be open too. Be open to your intentions manifesting in a different form than you had planned. An intention means you "intend" or "mean" to do something, but often the journey can lead you somewhere a little different. Go with it. 

5. Believe. This is KEY! Believe that you can do this! That you can have, achieve, be whatever you have set in your intentions. Take a moment to imagine yourself with the result of your intention every day when you wake up. You have to be ready to receive the goods, right? So prepare and plan to be successful!

I hope these tips help you set intentions that manifest for you tenfold!

So share with me in the Facebook Community. What are your intentions for the New Year? How are you going make them manifest?

Love and Light,


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