Beautiful Supermoon Rituals


We are just about to witness a seriously amazing (and rare) supermoon this Sunday. This is a great time to go within, start a practice, cleanse your crystals or honor this natural cycle in any way you choose.

Some wonderful ways to celebrate this magical time and create shifts in your own life as you align your energy with nature:

  • Cleanse your crystals during this powerful time! Set your crystals on a windowsill, or altar near a window or even outside to soak up this amazing energy!
  • Have a meditation session to honor this event. It is a great time to set an intention with a special mantra or affirmation. Spend time in your sacred space, or create one in a place you know you will be undisturbed. Sit quietly and recite your mantra for however long feels good for you. Focus on your intention and allow any thoughts to come and go. See what comes up and gently guide yourself back to your mantra of affirmation.
  • Create a crystal grid for an intention you wish to manifest. Invite friends over to join you and have them help you! You can leave the grid up for a week or even until the next moon.
  • Moon gaze. Simply going for a walk and absorbing physically and spiritually the beauty of nature can do wonders!
  • Write your intentions down on a piece of paper and set them upon an altar.
  • Write things that you need to release on a piece of paper. Read them aloud when you finish your list and (carefully) burn the paper or tear it into pieces to symbolize letting go and a fresh start.

No matter what you do, find time to feel this beautiful cosmic energy on Sunday and enjoy it!!







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