4 Crystals Every Empath Should Know


Empaths are spiritual beings that feel deeply. Empathy can be viewed as a challenge to some, or an amazing gift that allows empaths to truly understand another’s emotions.

Many empaths become healers, and become those who serve humanity due their gifts. They can feel the emotions and energy of others strongly, but they can also be negatively affected by these energies as well.

It is so important for empaths to take care of themselves well, so that they are not drained by the constant pull of outside energy.

If you are an empath, but have difficulty separating your own emotions and energy from those of others, often working with crystals can be a great way to ease the mind, protect your own energy and keep yourself from being overwhelmed.

Here are the top crystals that empaths can use to keep the good vibes around, and the negative energy at bay!


Rose quartz

Rose Quartz Sphere

A beautiful pale pink stone associated with the heart chakra. It can help you remained balanced in this chakra, the seat of love, compassion and emotion. It is a great stone for self care and positive energy.



Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

I always recommend this stone to empaths as it is a protective and nurturing stone. Those who are constantly feeling the energy of others can be drained when a needy or when some one is around that is operating on a lower more negative vibration. Black tourmaline protects your personal energy and even transmutes negative energy into positive.





Is a good stone for empaths that feel anxiety. It can aid with easing stress, encourage a peaceful sleep and enhance the energy of the stones around it.





A stone of harmony and calm. This crystal can inspire a deep peace and inspire a deeper intuitive ability, this way empaths can understand the difference between their energy and those around them.


Hold them, meditate with them, or simply keep them nearby to experience the effects of these crystals!

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