Top 5 Kirtan Artists That Will Melt Your Heart

Kirtan Artists That Will Melt Your Heart


Kirtan for me is like a rock concert on steroids.

The energy. The movement. 

The Being with so many other people in a space, breathing and singing and dancing in time!!

If you have never experienced a live kirtan before, I highly recommend it for all kinds of beautiful awakenings, blissful thoughts and often some serious wisdom from the artists themselves.

Today I wanted to share with you my top 5 kirtan artists that I think will melt your heart.

Their music, their vibe, their dedication to the Path is inspiring.



She is number one for me. I gave birth to her chanting and my daughter (now 5) has been listening to her since then. There was a time every night we would listen to "Jai Maa" and I would ponder the wild journey of motherhood while rocking her to sleep.

Renowned musician and yogini, she delivers some serious humor, grace and wisdom during her concerts a well.

You can check her out here.


Deva Premal And Miten

I love these two! Deva has an angelic voice and the Moola Mantra is the perfect track for contemplation, meditation as well as hatha yoga. To me they are truly enchanting.

Find out when they are touring near you here.


Krishna Das

There is so much to this man and his music! I have had some really amazing experiences during his kirtans. In between singing his stories of India are real, incredibly humorous and the occasional F bomb keeps the vibe down to earth too. However, it is amazing how serious and wise the message is in everything he speaks about.

Learn more about Krishna Das here.


Prema Hara

This is a group I have adored from the start. This man and woman duo create some of the most gorgeous mystical and heart melting music.

Learn more about them here.


Snatam Kaur

A little more pop than I usually listen to, but there is something SO sweet about Snatam Kaur's voice and music. It feels fresh, full of devotion and so lovely to sit with at any point during the day to unwind and reflect.

Find out more about her here.


I hope you have enjoyed this list! Who is your favorite kirtan artist? Share with me in the Facebook community!





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