Full Connection Mala
Full Connection Mala
Full Connection Mala

Full Connection Mala

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True connection to Self, to Source, to those around you.

Let this mala set your intention to connect, communicate and listen deeper to the call of your Soul.

This unique mala is handknotted with natural blue sodalite and ended with a rough faceted black tourmaline and lace agate freeform gemstone with a tassel of dangling sodalite rondelles.

The mala is adorned with a single sterling charm of the third eye chakra.


Sodalite: Communication, inspiration, creativity

Lace Agate: Confidence in sharing your truth, clarity

Black Tourmaline: Protecting, transmutes negative to positive


This mala is handmade with love and special attention and carefully handknotted on some of the most durable thread. 

It is blessed/energy infused and also comes in a beautiful hand carved 4x6 wooden box for safe keeping!


*This item is one of a kind and only one is available.

Please allow for natural imperfections in the gemstones.



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