Love Bhakti Box - Large

$ 118.00

Feel the love.

Specially curated to nurture the intention of love. This box makes a great gift for a friend, lover, even yourself!

Deepen compassion and explore self love with the new Love Bhakti Box.

Included in this collection is:

  • Sterling Silver Anahata Heart Chakra Pendant 
  • Fragrant Moroccan Rose Petals (Use as potpourri or burn as incense)
  • Rough Rose Quartz Crystal (A crystal known for its energy to enhance romantic, platonic and Universal love)
  • Crystal Quartz Point - (A high vibration crystal that amplifies what is around it as well as offers clarity)
  • Small Brass Hanuman Statue - (Hanuman was a half-monkey half-human deity with an ardent devotion to Rama)

Each box ships priority to any U.S. location.

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*Please allow for natural irregularities in gemstones and handcrafted items. It is what makes them special! 





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