High Vibes Bhakti Box

$ 108.00

Need a little positive energy?

This box is exploding with high vibes! Curated just for the intention of bringing positive energy, amplification of your intentions and cleansing energy.

Think of this box as your personal happy place, with everything you need to unblock, cleanse and lift you higher. 

Included in this collection:

  • A sterling silver Hamsa charm necklace (18 inch chain)
  • 5 Inch Fragrant Sage Stick (Perfect for smudging and cleansing your space)
  • Large Abalone Shell (To rest your sage, Decorate your altar space)
  • Nag Champa Incense (A highly spiritual and cleansing fragrance)
  • Crystal Quartz Point - (A high vibration crystal that amplifies what is around it as well as offers clarity)
  • Selenite Wand (Wonderful for cleansing and clear blockages)
  • Small amethyst Crystal Point (To encourage harmony and peace)

Each box ships priority to any U.S. location.

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*Please allow for natural irregularities in gemstones and handcrafted items. It is what makes them special! 





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