Transformation Mala
Transformation Mala
Transformation Mala

Transformation Mala

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All malas are intuitively crafted by Lauren (Saraswati).

This is a mala for transformation, for deep revelation and power.

Hand knotted with genuine gemstones of fire crackle agate, onyx, crystal quartz and crazy lace agate with sterling moon and dragonfly charm.


Crazy lace agate: Overcoming obstacles, joy, positive thinking

Fire crackle agate: Power, creation, internal fire

Onyx: Protection, confidence, grounding

Crystal quartz: Clarity, Amplification, Vision


This mala is handmade with love and special attention and carefully handknotted on some of the most durable thread. 

It also comes in a beautiful hand carved 4x6 wooden box for safe keeping!


*This item is one of a kind and only one is available.

Please allow for natural imperfections in the gemstones.



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