Inner Vision Mala
Inner Vision Mala
Inner Vision Mala

Inner Vision Mala

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A mala for inner vision, intuition and harnessing of your own power.

Hand knotted by Saraswati.

This mala is created from genuine gemstones of leopard skin jasper, rose quartz, faceted clear crystal quartz and a rough garnet and faceted agate guru bead with pale lavender tassel. 

It is adorned with sterling spike and a sterling all seeing eye charm.

Rose Quartz: Love on all levels (soul,romantic,self), compassion

Leopard Skin Jasper Jasper: Strength, vitality, nurturing

Crystal quartz: Clarity, Vision

Garnet: Love, health, energy flow

Agate: Protection, harmony

This mala is handmade with love and special attention and carefully handknotted on some of the most durable thread. 

It is blessed/energy infused and also comes in a beautiful hand carved 4x6 wooden box for safe keeping!


*This item is one of a kind and only one is available.

Please allow for natural imperfections in the gemstones.



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