Inner Harmony Intention Necklace

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Whether you are striving to build a life of more depth, peace and less reactivity, or you simply have a stressful situation, the Inner Harmony necklace is designed to inspire you to breathe deep and bring you to center.

This beautiful necklace looks very much like a mala, but is created from delicately hand wrapped chain of amethyst gemstones culminating in a rudraksha focal bead and tassel.

Each Intention Necklace is crafted from 108 beads, a powerful and divine number and is intended to serve as a reminder of your personal intentions.

Although traditional malas are created from 108 beads too, this necklace is a bit small for japa. However, the line of Intention necklaces are perfect if you want to wear something with a deeper meaning without using it for meditation.

Amethyst is a gemstone of spirituality and peace. It has long since been used as a calming and inspirational crystal to go deeper, bring awareness and cultivate harmony with one's thoughts and actions.

Length: Approximately 40 inches.

Gemstones: Approximately 4-5mm

*Please allow for natural variations in the gemstones and chain due the handcrafted nature of this item. It adds only to the uniqueness and beauty of the piece!




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