Sacred Geometry and Their Meanings


Sacred geometry.

Science? Mystery? A little of both?

Sacred geometry are the building blocks of the world we live in, they are the foundation of our Universe.

From the fibonacci sequence, the golden mean, pyramids, to fractals….it can all seem so complex and amazing.

As I was creating my Flower of Life pendant, it brought me deeper into the beauty and grace of sacred geometry. I was always drawn to it, but why?

From the basic cells in our bodies to the complex structures of the universe, these mathematical principles apply.

I wanted to cover some of the most popular sacred geometry in this  article so that you can explore them as well!


The Flower of Life


This beautiful pattern is a universal symbol found just about everywhere and associated with many different beliefs and cultures. 

Inside the very design is a dot, symbolizing “the beginning” and from many circles spiraling outward other patterns and designs are also created.

From this Flower of Life we can also see the “seed”, “egg” and “fruit” of life which are variations on this pattern.

Inside the Flower of Life you can also see Metatron's cube, a merkaba, fibonacci sequence and more!

It is even said that there is a kind of Akashic record associated with it! Like a shorthand of Cosmic memory.



Metatron’s Cube


This is another sacred geometrical pattern with so much richness!

Mythically, Metatron was originally human but was transformed to an archangel. He was believed to be the communicator between the heavenly realm and humans. 

Interestingly, the word “Metator" is latin for a guide or measurer,  and ‘Metatron’ can also refer to the crown in the Kabbalah ‘Tree’ or ‘Keter’. 

And what is even more amazing?

The Kabbalah Tree is based on the ‘Flower of Life’!

Therefore, Metatron's Cube is a structure born from the flower of life as well!  It can represent our grid of consciousness and the building blocks of the Cosmos. It has been described as the matrix of our 3-dimensional reality. 


Sri Yantra


The Sri Yantra is found in the Shri Vidya school of Hindu Tantra. It is another beautiful and mystical diagram created from nine interlocking triangles. These triangles radiate from a single point (Bindu).

The four triangles pointing upwards represent Masculine (Shiva) and the five pointing downward symbolize the Divine Feminine (Shakti).

It has been said that the great sages suggested that this is the key to mastering the science of manifestation. It represents the microcosm of the human body and the macrocosm of the perfect harmony of the Universe, and has even appeared to self-realized Yogis in a samadhic state.

Whatever patterns you are drawn to, it is all an expression of us, the Universe and of the wisdom within.

No wonder we can be drawn to draw, use, and meditate with these symbols!

I will be writing about easy ways to use sacred geometry for balance and focus in a future post so stay tuned! 


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