5 Beautiful Crystals to Nourish Your Intuition


Intuition is inside every one of us. Like any skill it can be honed, developed and nourished if we take the time to do so.

Call it your inner voice, your gut, inner wisdom....it is all inside of you!

Crystals are a wonderful way to enhance your intuition. They have been here on earth millions of years and hold their own wisdom to share with us if we really feel and listen. Their energy can support our intentions and we can use them numerous ways.

Here are my top crystals for developing your own intuition. You can wear them, meditate with them or keep them nearby. All of these will support you on your journey no matter which you choose!



Moonstone is often associated with Divine feminine energy. It is called moonstone for it's similar appearance to that of the moon. It is a tranquil and soothing stone that nourishes the Goddess energy within, so that you can connect deeper with your own inner wisdom.


Blue Kyanite

Kyanite is a unique stone and perfect for developing one's intuition. It doesn't hold negative energy and "self-cleanses" so it is always ready to work for you. It clears blockages and enhances meditation.


Crystal Quartz

Perfect for giving clarity to any situation and offering high vibrations. Crystal quartz is an extremely versatile gemstone that amplifies the energy of what surrounds it. It offers a clear view and positive energy so that you can easily look within.



Labradorite is a gorgeous stone with flashing iridescence. It can be used to enhance your intuition, support you through transformation and even clear blockages in the chakras to align and balance your energy.



Amethyst is beloved by many, and for good reason! Not only is this stone super calming and promotes harmony, but it can activate the crown chakra as well. This stone is gentle, but can open you up to a deeper experience with your own inner guide.


I hope that you will use some of these crystals on your journey. These are just a few that will help you nourish your intuitive abilities and get you on your way.

Make sure to experiment with what feels good for you! Remember, there is no right or wrong way and if other crystals feel even better, then go with your feelings about them.

Let your intuition guide you. (Wink Wink.)





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