Chakra Alignment Pouch w/ bonus Gemstone- Tumbled Gemstones for Balancing the Chakras

Item Description

Beautiful tumbled gemstone collection intended to help you balance and align your chakras. The Chakras are 7 sacred and powerful energy points that each of us possess. Exploring and balancing each of these centers can reward our hearts, our minds and our lives. I have collected a gemstone for each of the chakra points for you, so you may work with them when needed.

Perfect for holding during meditation and other chakra work, creating crystal grids, keeping on an altar, or simply carrying them with you when you need their energy.

You will receive 7 chakra stones plus a beautiful crystal quartz "point" to enhance and magnify the energy of your collection of stones.

This listing will include one of each:

Root Chakra- Red Jasper for grounding and stabilizing

Sacral Chakra- Carnelian for emotion, healing, sensuality and "letting go"

Solar Plexus Chakra- Citrine Quartz for power and intellect

Heart Chakra- Rose Quartz for love, compassion of self, others

Throat Chakra- Sodalite to speak your Truth and communicate

Third Eye Chakra- Lapis to assist intuition and spiritual development

Crown Chakra-  Amethyst for cosmic consciousness and enlightnement

Crystal Quartz Point

Stones will come in an organza bag (colors will vary) ready to travel with you wherever you need them!


*Please note sizes of stone may vary greatly from .75-1.5 inches. I do my best to choose stones that are of similar size for each pouch. Natural pitting and other natural formations may be visible.

Jewels of Saraswati is not endorsing you to use these stones to treat or cure any disease.


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